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AP computer science A+ data structuresAP French languageAP AB & BC calculusAp chemistryArtificial Intelligence 1 & 2Prototyping development 1Computer VisionAP Physics C: Mechanics and Electricity & MagnetismAP U.S. GovernmentAP English Language


Ask Sam

Ask Sam is a chatbot that provides users with engaging and informative discussions regarding various social and political issues. It provides information in the form of personalized video, article, and book recommendations and holds sophisticated conversations and debates with the users.

Ask Sam was built using HTML, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap for the frontend, Angular & Ionic frameworks for the backend and to integrate the chatbot that was created using AWS Lambda & Node.js

Built as a longterm project with a partner


Pursuit is an app prototype that assists coaches in managing their teams and providing athletes with the most important things to succeed in sports: competition, community, coaching and connecting. It integrates artificial intelligence and computer vision to advise coaches in improving athletes, recommends workouts, and simulates virtual workout equipment and connects athletes to quality coaches those who may not have access.


Investyx is an app that aims to educate future generations on effective investment practice through use of interactive game simulations and personalized ratings for your investments.

Built using Swift, Flask and the Plaid API
Created as a hackathon project in a group

Capital One's Best Financial Hack: TechTogether Boston Hackathon 2020

HackTAMS: 3rd Best Hack Overall


Plantry is an app that helps amateur farmers and gardeners by tracking and organizing home gardens, giving new plant and recipe suggestions, and using machine learning to detect plant diseases and recognize plants the user wants to know about.

Built using Swift and CoreML
Submitted to Congressional App Challenge 2021
Longterm project with a partner (~1 month)

Work Experience

TecHacks, Cofounder & Executive Director

Led the organization of one of the largest all-female & non-binary student hackathon in the world with over 800 sign ups from 63 countries & 27 states, raising donations and prizes valued at over $54,000

National Museum for Natural History, Student Volunteer

I facilitate various activities such as forensic mysteries, live tarantula feedings, and tours of various exhibits in the museum. In addition, I explain complex topics in natural science including arthropodology, anthropology, epidemiology, botany and more at the Insect Zoo, one of the Natural History Museums oldest and most popular exhibits, and Q?rius, one of the museums newest and most interdisciplinary exhibits.

George Mason University, Summer IT research intern

I worked under accomplished IT university professors, Dr. Khondakar Islam and Dr. Pouyan Ahmadi and researched the use of machine learning algorithms to predict the concentration of ozone and fine particulate matter in wildfires using spatiotemporal modelling. I developed and executed formal scientific research with an abstract to be published in the George Mason University Scientific Journal.


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